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updated history
2024/04/18:Update : M3-2024春 Event information
2024/04/03:Update : TGMS2024 Event information
2024/03/13:LIBRARIES IV -mini anniversary series- CD information / Jump to YouTube
2024/03/01:リアルファンタジー・サスペンスADV『岩倉アリア』 Jump to MAGES. official site
2024/02/25:YouTube upload : Labyrinth -Segment3- X68000 ZMUSIC version
2024/02/04:YouTube upload : Labyrinth -Segment3-
2024/01/20:YouTube upload : Mountains -Segment2-
2024/01/13:YouTube upload : 烈火68k from 龍刻
2024/01/07:YouTube upload : Interception -Segment1-
2024/01/01:YouTube upload : LEASE 2024
2023/12/18:YouTube upload : WORLD ARRANGE68k
2023/10/09:YouTube upload : THE EARTH IN YOUR EYES -瞳の中の地球-
2023/10/31:YouTube upload : first feel 2023
2023/08/22:YouTube upload : 鬼退治(未使用曲)/ Ogre Tale
2023/07/19:YouTube upload : King's Bounty (PC98/FM-TOWNS 1994) OST preview
2023/03/14:Update : TGMS2023 Event information
2023/02/07:YouTube upload : Might and Magic III for SFC(Un-Release 1992) OST 26tracks preview
2022/08/18:Podcast talking in
2022/07/28:Switch/PS4:ANONYMOUS;CODE Release!
2022/06/15:Today, it's been 30 years since I joined the game industry.
2022/06/06:Event : 'FM SOUND Cafe #1 -FM SYNTHESIZER LIVE-' information
2022/02/18:Update : TGMS2022 Event information
2022/01/17:Report : New year meeting 2022
2021/12/23:Update : CD/Soundtracks Discography
2021/11/16:Nintendo Switch:たいみんぐぅ
2021/10/31:Report : SUITONG touring 2021
2021/10/22:SINce Memories BGM comment
2021/10/07:幻想マネージュ BGM comment
2021/01/18:Report : New Year Meeting 2021
2020/08/21:Today, 'OGRE TALE -鬼譚-(オウガテイル)' as Japanese style swordplay battle action is released on Steam.
2020/07/01:YouTube : Twinkle star -SRX 10th anniversary version-
2020/02/03:Soundcloud : Event scene 2 from Starfire / MUCOM88 ver.
2020/01/31:YouTube : カウントダウン from ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH (1st Anniv.) / X68k ZMUSIC version

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