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2021/03/08:Update: CD information
2021/02/16:Update: Event information about TGMS2021
2021/02/01:Event information about TGMS2021
2021/01/18:Report : New Year Meeting 2021
2020/08/21:Today, 'OGRE TALE -鬼譚-(オウガテイル)' as Japanese style swordplay battle action is released on Steam.
2020/07/01:Upload YouTube : Twinkle star -SRX 10th anniversary version-
2020/02/17:Event information
2020/02/05:Event information
2020/02/03:Upload : Event scene 2 from Starfire / MUCOM88 ver.
2020/01/31:Upload YouTube : カウントダウン from ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH (1st Anniv.) / X68k ZMUSIC version
2020/01/31:Event information
2019/12/06:Event information
2019/11/18:Report : Mt.Yatsugatake touring 2019
2019/11/11:Event information
2019/10/07:Event information
2019/09/27:Upload : Swallow2019 as Memories Off 2nd ,18th anniversay.
2019/02/06:Event information
2019/01/19:Report : New Year Meeting 2019
2018/11/26:Event information
2018/11/22:Event information
2018/11/08:Report : HOUTOU touring 2018
2018/09/22:Photo : Mt.Yatsugatake touring
2018/09/21:Photo : Mt.NASU Trekking
2018/09/05:Music : Uploading 2 FM-music
2018/08/03:Works update

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